Foster Secondary College is a great supporter of the Learningstones initiative. We celebrate Aboriginality and recognize our school is located on traditional lands. Education plays a vital part in strengthening local Indigenous and non- Indigenous community partnerships while ensuring the best possible outcomes for individual Indigenous students from all backgrounds. Our Learningstones site will continue to be the focal point for this endeavor.
Matt McPhee
South Gippsland Secondary College Campus Principal
 Learningstone Week at South Gippsland Secondary College – Kane, Bronwyn, Matt and Andrea share a few thoughts of what their Learningstones site means for their community.
What a privilege to be able to watch our four Indigenous students at Wonthaggi Primary School lead a very special lesson/activity with their three classes today. Over the past few weeks Paige, Arieta, Jacob and Jemma have worked hard to research and develop a power point presentation as well as develop several class activities. Today their effort was outstanding – as they lead a 45 minute classroom session. The lesson started by paying respect to the Traditional owner and their Lands with Acknowledgement to Country,explained flag colors and gave a description of the Learningstones symbol and use in their school.
Then Jacob and Paige lead the 5/6 class through an activity using clay to do painting and explaining how Aboriginal people used local resources to create art and story.
The next class was the 2/3 and Jacob, Paige and Gemma helped the students to draw/ color using leaves and clay to create pictures.
Arieta, Gemma and Paige took the 1/2 to the Learningstone site where they enjoyed making pictures of clay, leaves and sticks.
Arieta, Gemma and Paige took the 1/2 to the Learning site where they enjoyed making pictures of clay, leaves and sticks.
This is fantastic and so heart warming to see our young Indigenous children growing strong in their culture, their identity and their understanding. I would like to thank the teachers and staff for providing the opportunity for our students to be proud in who their are and to share it well with their peers.