1) Is this space for the Aboriginal community only?

A) The Learning Stone space is for everyone – the core purpose of the area is to create a safe place for exploration and respect of self and others through education

2) We don’t have any Aboriginal children in our school?

A) Learning Stones creates a forum to discuss Aboriginal history, lore and traditions in both past and present as well as contemporary lifestyle and aspirations. This is part of all our history and future and I envision a curriculum available for all students in all schools.

3) I don’t know where to start?

A) Start by contacting your local Aboriginal Education Officer they will have contact with your local Aboriginal community / organizations / traditional owners groups.
– consultation with the local community is the place to start.

4) I want to do it properly, the right way, but where do I begin?

A) Contact you local Aboriginal Education Officer for your state through the links below: